May 18, 2015

To: Vanessa Fleisch, Mayor
Eric Imker, Mike King, Kim Learnard, Terry Ernst, Council Members
Jim Pennington, City Manager
Stan Pye, Interim Chief of Police

The members of the Fayette County Democratic Committee have waited since Councilman Terry Ernst published his inflammatory commentary (The Citizen, May 5, 2105) for someone from Peachtree City to speak out. Since there has been no disavowal of Mr. Ernst’s remarks, we now publicly ask for one. We further ask you to make explicit that it is not City or Police policy for policeman to use deadly force in order to instill fear and to make explicit that all applicants for the new City Manager and Police Chief must disavow such policy.

While we agree with Mr. Ernst and abhor the actions of rioters and looters, whether prompted by police violence or championship game, we believe that statements that condone violence against American citizens and call for visuals of blood and deaths on national TV have no place in a civilized society. We also find it unfortunate that Mr. Ernst seeks to inflame divisions amongst us with his racial and sexist rhetoric. But ultimately what causes us to ask for this censure is that Mr. Ernst’s call for police violence is so profoundly anti-American.

We, unlike Mr. Ernst, believe deeply in the United States Constitution. A Constitution that ensures we don’t live in a Police State and promises every citizen due process of law. We are fortunate to live in a country that requires a trial by jury and requires its peace officers to act within the law. We have a court system not a gang of armed executioners. “Dead looters on TV news” in order to “spread mortal fear” sounds more like Stalin’s USSR than the United States we are proud to call home.

His eagerness to undermine our criminal justice system and shoot citizens in the streets must not be the policy of Peachtree City nor shared by its next Chief. We don’t want a police force recruited based on a willingness to shoot people in order to spread fear. It is particularly troubling that Mr. Ernst is a former member of the department and we trust that his extreme views are the exception not the rule.

We look forward to your reply,

Leonard Presberg
Chair, Fayette County Democratic Committee

PO BOX 1223

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